Frane's Auto RecyclingWe Pay $CASH$ for Junk Cars Today in Tucson, Arizona, Az.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash Today! We offer Guaranteed Pricing and Free Towing. 
We buy any Unwanted, Old, Wrecked, Burned or Scrap Vehicles
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We are recognized as a "Five-Star" Rated Company
Why Choose Us:

– We are recognized as a “Five-Star” Rated Company.
– Providing the Highest CA$H.. Paid on the Spot!
– We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing.
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We offer Guaranteed Pricing & Free Towing!Our Junk Car Removal Process:

1. Simply contact us with the year, make, and model.
2. We provide you with the Highest quote possible.
3. Schedule your Junk Car Removal for FREE pick up.
4. Driver pays you CA$H on the spot upon removal.



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Frane’s Auto Recycling, specializes in buying and selling old, wrecked, burned and unwanted junk cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs – all years, makes, and models in any condition. With more than 25 years of experience in the junk my car removal business, we pride ourselves on the quality of our prompt, honest, professional services. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our junkyard services located in Tucson, Arizona, Az. We welcome all individual junk car owners and any Commercial Accounts. Contact our Auto Salvage Yard at (520) 339-6848 NOW! To get the best price for your Junk Car Removal! And put us to the test!


Get Paid for Your Junk Vehicle Removal. 

We provide county-wide coverage in Tucson, Arizona, Az for junk car removal and offer cash, money for any junk car removal by contacting one of our salvage team specialist located at our junkyard for junk my car removal. We buy and sell old, wrecked, burned and unwanted junk car, truck, van or suv and provide you with the best value for your old, scrap or junk car.


About Us

We are recognized as a “Five-Star” rated company, sponsored by Google, Yahoo, AOL, and, and seen on every top search engine, which ensures you of a satisfactory experience. We welcome all individual junk car owners as well as commercial accounts. Call our auto salvage junkyard today to get the best cash price for your junk my car removal in Tucson, Arizona, Az.

Rid your property of junk cars and vehicles with proven junk my car removal services from Frane’s Auto Recycling, conveniently located in Tucson, Arizona, Az. Our top priority is to be your first choice for junk my car removal. With over 25 years’ combined experience and “Five-Star” rating with Yahoo, sponsored by Google, MSN &, ensures you of a satisfactory experience! Call one of our junk car removal specialist to receive your highest price possible for your junk car removal with guaranteed pricing, free towing & Get your CASH for junk my car removal today. Cash for Junk Cars Today! At Frane’s Auto Recycling, we buy and sell old junk cars for cash TODAY – All years, makes & models (Foreign & American) in any condition. With Guaranteed pricing, FREE TOWING & Cash paid on the spot. We buy and sell your old, wrecked, burned and unwanted junk car removal for cash Hassle free. Simply provide us with the year, make & model and a small description of what is wrong with your old junk car or scrap vehicle & with in seconds we can quote you with the highest CASH for your junk my car removal in Tucson, Arizona, Az.


Junk Car Removal

We welcome all individual junk car owners and any Commercial Accounts. We provide county – wide coverage in Tucson, Arizona, Az to better serve our customers. Contact our Auto Salvage Junkyard NOW! To get the best price & Cash for Junk Car Removal and put us to the test! Call … (520) 339-6848 … Monday to Saturday (8am – 8pm) & Closed Sunday “LORD’s Holy Day” (Isaiah 58:13).